A sea of opportunities

With more than 15 years of expertise in managing back-to-back supply cycles in China for our global clients, we are at the forefront of China-to-world exporting. We provide solutions for Sourcing, Logistics and ancilary services such as designs and custom packaging for small, medium and large organisations. Whether you are looking for fully customised back-to-back turnkey solutions or just need a competitive quote for a product, our on the ground local experts will endeavor to fullfil your sourcing needs. subscribe now


Why sourcing in China?

China has experienced significant growth, it will undoubtably continue to drive global growth and be the world's manufacturing horsepower in the decades to come, via competitive pricing, supportive governmental initiatives and world-class infrastructures. Whether the end goal is to drive growth, optimise costs, control margins, or simply find a way to manufacture a design, companies should consider the Chinese market to stay competitive. We built our business around helping global enterprises navigate the local market. At KV Partners, we aim to foster cross-regional relationships by helping worldwide companies benefit from the attractive sourcing and distribution opportunies in China, every step of the way.