Handling everything before and after the delivery


Customer Service

We offer options to be your first point of contact for your local customers. Throughout the onboarding cycle, we train our staff to understand your process requirements for dealing with customers and implement these processes for all postal, electronic and phone communications.

Returns management

Returns can be lengthy and represent a drag on your resources when not handled efficiently. KV Partners can carry out your required procedures to make you aware of the return status in real time and resolve any issues. To achieve fast resolution, we have options to send your customer a branded message to explain the return steps and track progress.

Reverse logistics

We help you design the most efficient procedures for simple and hassle free reverse logistics, in order to enhance customer satisfaction while minimising costs.

Trade Operations

Our trade administration team provides continuous assistance with the day-to-day operations. The team can provide support with certifications and filings, as well as add-hoc queries and information requests.



Our workshops can handle both convential as well as non-conventional request.


We have extensive know-how in order preparation and product consulting. We will always handle every request with care and precision.


We have a track record of delivering services on time and at short notice.

Delivering competitive pricing, competent manufacturing, at your doorstep

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