Fast, secure, cost-effective deliveries


Freight and Courier services

Upon notification, we dispatch your products for delivery to the end users. Using our platform to benefit from economies of scale, we work with leading courier and freight providers to deliver your product in time, in the most secure and cost-effective way. Our expert Logistics Management team focus on finding the optimal route for each order and oversee the execution throughout the entire journey, until the order reaches your client. To cater for your clients' needs, we offer a range of tailored solutions for B2B, B2C and Business-to-retailer order.

Customs and Insurance advisory

For import and expert activities, our expert logistics team provide advisory for customs services and insurance, and can tailor solutions according to your needs.



Our workshops can handle both convential as well as non-conventional request.


We have in-depth expertise of freight, customs clearance and insurance. We can structure the best, cost-efficient solutions for each order.


We have a track record of delivering services on time and at short notice.

Delivering competitive pricing, competent manufacturing, at your doorstep

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