Fulfilment solutions

Storing and delivering your products with a competitive edge


Outsourced fulfilment

We understand challenges businesses face when dealing with complex, cross-border logistics or storing ever growing supplies. With this in mind, we have created outsourced fulfilment solutions that just suit your needs. We offer complete and cost-efficient B2B and B2C packages to handle everything from receiving, storing, delivering your products to your customers, along with providing value-add services. We understand it is not one size fits all, so we have designed our solutions to cover everything end to end, yet be flexible enough to easily integrate within your existing process flow, with quick setup and minimal resources.

As your local partner, our priority is to store your stock securely and deliver your orders seemlessly. With our goals aligned, we take great care in reflecting your brand image and strive to exceed your end customer’s expectations at every step of the journey. Drawing from our expertise, platform and equipments, we handle everything from A to Z, so you can focus on growing your business.

Storage solutions

Our logistics park includes over 25,000 Sqm of rentable grade-A warehousing surface in Wuxi. Strategically located at the heart of multiple major trading hubs in South-East China, our facilities have direct access to major ports. We deploy our inventory management capacities to help our clients manage their stocks efficiently and make optimal replenishment decisions.

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Order preparation

Our specialist packers handle every order with care and precision to ensure the goods arrive undamaged. We have in-house capacity to design and source branded packaging to add value to your products and strengthen your brand image. We also have general workshop capacity to consolidate and assemble your products when required.

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Order shipment

Upon notification, we dispatch your products for delivery to the end users. Using our platform to benefit from economies of scale, we work with leading courier and freight providers to deliver your product in time, in the most secure and cost-effective way. For import and expert activities, our expert logistics team provide advisory for customs services and insurance.

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Doing business is not always a linear process. We can provide a seamless experience by leveraging our in-house services capabilities to handle everything after the delivery to your customer. From Customer Service solutions to returns management, we educate our staff on the ground to help you extend your brand image while keeping and eye on your costs.

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We think and act as long-term trading partners. Whether we engage as counterparts or work on an agency basis, our clients will always benefit from our fully integrated processes, our unique understanding of both Eastern and Western business practices, as well as our local presence and proprietary supplier database and relationships.


> Simplicity

By overseeing the entire fulfilment cycle, we significantly simplify the end-to-end process for our clients. The centralised fulfilment packages enable for traceability, consistency and the need to only ever deal with one counterparty. We focus on customer satisfaction at every step of the journey, so when there are breaks or issues, we can deal with them at the source.

> Expertise

We are experts at cross-border supply chain management. From product planning through to manufacturing and shipping, we implement best practices at every step. Leveraging on 100+ years of combined experience and a strong local presence, our clients save time and resources to focus on what really matters.

> Risk Reduction

By being your centralised trading partner, we act as a first line of defense, reducing your counterparty and operational risks along the supply chain. Our clients gain exposure to attractive sourcing opportunities while being shielded from the potential risks of dealing directly with local companies.

> Scale

Our presence on the ground and infrastructures enable our clients to take advantage of opportunities to source in markets where they would otherwise face barriers to entry and difficulties to interact with local players.


Our efficient end-to-end fulfilment capacities help World-to-China exporters and importers scale their operations and de-risk entry to new markets. Our local expertise and feet on the ground mean reduce lead time and increase speed to market for your products.

As reliable local partners, we provide the service quality and know-how to oversee all your fulfilment needs with complete visibility and control. We stock, pack and deliver every order with care and precision to ensure your brand image stays strong throughout every step of the journey.

We understand the challenges of operating abroad when scale might be an issue and logistics become complicated. Leveraging on our multi-cultural identity and expertise in international business, we help Chinese firms penetrate foreign markets by providing the necessary storage, order preparation and shipment services in accordance with local standards. Our customer service capacities mean that we can act as a first point of contact between your firm and the end customer, further extending your brand image. By providing a sustainable platform between China and the World, we enable Chinese firms to capitalise on attractive foreign demand.

Our outsourced fulfilment solutions help China-to-World importers take advantage of attractive sourcing opportunities while minimising their costs. We extend our platform to suit their warehousing and order preparation and shipping needs, with a particular focus on consolidation and packaging. Our fully customisable and flexible workshop services mean that we can easily accommodate most rework and assembling requirements. In addition, our strategic location near multiple major South-East Asian manufacturing pools and transport hubs provide a strategic edge against competitors due to the lead time reduction.

Our flexible fulfilment solutions and ideal location in the Meicun district of Wuxi help regional firms greatly reduce lead time from vendors. With direct access to major highways, high-speed railroads as well as 2 national and international air freight gateways, our location particularly suit local players in seach for same-day and next-day delivery solutions.