Best-in-class warehousing facilities at the heart of the action


Secure warehousing

Our world class logistics park in Wuxi comprises 25,000+ Sqm of grade-A warehousing surfaces. As owner and operator, we deploy our 24/7 on-site property management team to ensure adherence to best standards and security of your products, at all time.

Receiving and Putaway

We manage the proper reception of your goods from your suppliers. We then inspect, count and mark your products following rigorous precedures, before storing them in our secure warehouses. We also perform quality control according to the service level agreement.

Inventory management

We provide efficient logistics inventory management information to maximise inventory visibility and help you optimise your purchases so that you can make the most throughout periods of high and low demand. Our capacities including stock levels replenishment notifications, stock updating after receipt of the goods by the customers, as well as going through orders to suppliers. We can manage your stock according to agreed rules including FIFO to ensure turnover of stock.



We own and operate modern warehouring facilities dedicated to client storage. We have 24/7 on-site property management and security teams.

Transport Links

Our facilities have direct access to major highways, high-speed railroads as well as 2 national and international air freight gateways.

Prime location

Our facilities are strategic located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, at the heart of many industrial hubs and logistics centres in South-East China.

Minimum stock notification

Issued upon stock level limits and based on lead times, we automatically notification you so that you can replenish your stocks when needed.

FIFO rules

Ensure constant turnover of your stock with our priority-based order picking.

Delivering competitive pricing, competent manufacturing, at your doorstep

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