On Demand letting

Building on specification for long leases


Tailored solutions

Leveraging on our land portfolio and expertise in construction, we can structure the right solutions for our clients' complex logistics and industrial property needs in China. With currently over 10,000+ Sqm of unbuilt land capacity within the park, we can build single or multiple-storey properties on specification to meet our clients' business needs. As long-tem business partners with strong investment capacity, we also consider opportunities to acquire new lands and build-to-let at different locations on a discretionary basis. We deploy our local expertise in construction planning and management to speed completion while ensuring best respect of norms with a focus on sustainability, from the architecture through to the day-to-day operations.



With over 10,000+ Sqm of available land, we have the flexibility to structure optimal solutions for complex logistical and industrial challenges.

Construction know-how

We are experts at construction planning and execution. Our clients can leverage our expertise and structure to fast-track permits and manage constructions.

Investment capacity

With appetite to invest in new buildings and a strong balance sheet, we are in a position to secure suitable long-term projects for our clients.


We have 24/7 on-site property management and security teams to ensure staff safety as well as protection of industrial properties.

Transport links

Our facilities have direct access to major highways, high-speed railroads as well as 2 national and international air freight gateways.

Prime location

Our facilities are strategic located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, at the heart of many industrial hubs and logistics centres in South-East China.

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