Supply Chain solutions

Delivering competitive pricing, competent manufacturing, to your doorstep


Integrated solutions

We understand it is no longer one size fits all. With this at the core of our thinking we offer tailored, cost-effective and comprehensive supply chain solutions to meet our customers’ goals. Our vertically integrated structure means that we can source, store and deliver the supplies you need, when you need it, where you need it. So you no longer need to worry about finding the right manufacturer, coping with peaks in demand or other procurement risks. We can take care of your supply chain from A to Z.

Our integrated solutions efficiently links together all the supply chain links into one comprehensive, optimised package. We significantly simplify the end-to-end process for our clients by synchronising all processes from sourcing to transport and allowing for greater visibility. By managing your entire supply chain and its operations on the ground, we truely act as a local partner, leveraging our expertise and infrastructures to bring scale and efficiency to your business while reducing your risks.


We are experts at finding, utilising and reviewing manufacturers. Working with our clients to understand product specifications and requirements, our team on the ground will then find competitive and relevant factories. Leveraging on 15 years of expertise in sourcing, our clients benefit from our proprietary database and strong relationships.

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We deliver seamless and optimised logistics solutions by pooling together transport, warehousing and management capacities. We plan and oversee all operations from our logistics park in Wuxi which includes over 25,000 Sqm of rentable grade-A warehousing surface, strategically located at the heart of major trading hubs in South-Est China.

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Ancillary Services

Importing is not always without bumps. We can provide a seamless experience by leveraging our in-house services capabilities to facilitate any pre and post-manufacturing needs. Our specialist team includes in-house designers, as well as labelling and packaging workers. Our trading team can assist with certifications and filings, amongst other needs.

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We think and act as long-term trading partners. Whether we engage as counterparts or work on an agency basis, our clients will always benefit from our fully integrated processes, our unique understanding of both Eastern and Western business practices, as well as our local presence and proprietary supplier database and relationships.


> Supply chain simplification

By merging all the supply chains links into one comprehensive solution, we significantly simplify the process for our clients. The centralised supply chain enables for traceability, consistency and the need to only ever deal with one point of contact. We focus on delivering a smoothe and timely solution, so when there are breaks or issues, we can deal with them at the source.

> Expertise

We are experts at cross-border supply chain management. From product planning through to manufacturing and shipping, we implement best practices at every step. Leveraging on 100+ years of combined experience and a strong local presence, our clients save time and resources to focus on what really matters.

> Risk transfer

By being your centralised trading partner, we act as a first line of defense, reducing your counterparty and operational risks along the supply chain. Our clients gain exposure to attractive sourcing opportunities while being shielded from the potential risks of dealing directly with local companies.

> Scale

Our presence on the ground and infrastructures enable our clients to take advantage of opportunities to source in markets where they would otherwise face barriers to entry and difficulties to interact with local players.


We provide comprehensive and on demand solutions for your supply chains needs. Working on a standalone basis, we provide full advisory and execution services, delivering end-to-end solutions to your doorstep. Alternatively, we can provide parts of our services on an ad-hoc basis by integrating within your process flow and helping to optimise your supply chain locally. With 100+ years of combined experience in supply chain and logistics, our vertically-integrated team of local experts will ensure best practices at every step of the journey. Acting as a platform in China to source and aggregate supplies for delivery to your domestic distribution centres, we have capacity to work on all products across sectors and appetite to deal with both continuous and one-off projects.

We understand the challenges of operating abroad when scale might be an issue. With this in mind, we have designed our solutions to put our expertise and platform at your service to take advantage of attractive sourcing opportunities while retaining control of costs and limiting risks. Our presence on the ground and comprehensive solutions means that handling your whole supply chain is possible from a distance. Acting as a platform in China to source and aggregate supplies for delivery to your domestic distribution centres, we have capacity to work on all products across sectors and appetite to deal with both continuous and one-off projects.

Working to fulfill ad-hoc contracts or as part of a procurement partnership on a long-term basis, we have capacity to source, manufacture, store, aggregate and deliver items to your designated distribution centres. With our procurement solutions, we provide assurance of best practices and sustainable sourcing throughout the entire supply chain journey as well as adherence to local standards and safety norms. Our capacities span both durable and non-durable goods (to the exclusion of food and beverage) and are completely cross-sectorial, including but not limited to personal protective equipment, textile goods, electronics, furniture, office supplies, appliances and general equipment.

We have appetite to work in partnership with your governmental organisation, acting as a platform in China to source and aggregate supplies for delivery to your domestic distribution centres. For more information or any inquiries, please contact our team.

We extend our full suite of solutions to charities and non-profit organisations no matter the size and location. We believe in fostering innovative ideas, solving economic and social issues, and enabling progress in underserved communities globally. On a discretionary basis and for qualifying non-profit organisations, we can provide additional support during the supply chain process to help them achieve their goals. Please contact our team for more information.

We offer our tailored solutions to foreign B2B trading firms, looking to competitively source large orders for wholesalers and retailers. Our local expertise and logistics platform can help your local operations gain scale and limit counterparty risks when operating in China.

We service corporate supply firms and corporate supplies departments as part of larger organisations. For office supplies or promotional needs, we provide cost-efficent end-to-end solutions for continuous and one-off bulk orders. Based on your requirements, we can suggest existing designs with or without white labelling, and have capacity to repackage/consolidate according to your specifications where necessary. Our team of experts can also assist in developping custom designs to better suit your needs.