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Supplier search

We are experts at finding, utilising and reviewing suppliers. Working with our clients to understand product specifications and requirements, our team on the ground will then find competitive and relevant suppliers in the marketplace. Leveraging on 15 years of expertise in sourcing, our clients benefit from our strong product knowledge, proprietary database and long-term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers across China and South-East Asia.

Due dilligence

We measure every potential manufacturer against a strict set of technical, financial and qualitative criteria (including ESG factors) to ensure they are suitable to meet our customers’ goals. Our disciplined due dilligence process has been tried and tested to ensure consistency time after time and across providers. Our experts make conclusions in line with best practices and in accordance with industry guidelines.

Procurement management

Working with suppliers and manufacturers, we constantly monitor the state of the order throughout the production process to ensure qualitative targets are met and the products can be delivered in time.



We work as one team, with sales representative and on the ground experts working collaboratively to increase flexibility and be responsive in any situation.


We constantly find, utilise and review manufacturers. Our proprietary products and manufacturers database provides valuable insights during the sourcing process.


Our disciplined due dilligence processes and constant review of manufacturers are designed to ensure safety and consistency, time after time. They bring robustness at the core.


We believe in ethical, environmental, social and governance-oriented business practices. By aligning our processes with customer values, it also helps us identify opportunities.

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